Small enough to know your name...
Big enough to meet all your energy needs.

Small enough to know your name... Big enough to meet all your energy needs.

Spring Brook supplies kerosene to those whose circumstances require fuel to be stored outside or where space heaters are required. Kerosene continues to provide the same consistent heat that it did many years ago as “stove oil.”

Service, Installation, & Maintenance

Spring Brook Service Department installs and maintains propane and oil furnaces, hot water, air-conditioning, and HVAC. ANNUAL SERVICE CONTRACTS are available to all clients to ensure continuity of care to keep the heating and air-conditioning systems in proper working order.

We provide free up-front expert installation and maintenance of our customer’s propane tanks. Spring Brook provides service and maintenance to customers who own their own tanks. A clean system is an efficient system that saves the client money.


Winter in Maine is no joke. Auto-delivery is a convenient, consistent, and reliable method of fuel delivery. This convenient service takes the pressure off the customer to monitor their fuel level and order delivery.


Spring Brook has several pricing plans to choose from, depending on the customer’s needs. The options are CASH, BUDGET, PREBUY, OR FIXED PRICE plans. Choose the plan that works best for you. Contact us for more detail.

Payment Method

Multiple payment options exist to assist in paying the bill in an easy, flexible manner. These methods include EFT, COD, ACH, Credit Card, e-Check, a locked dropped box at the main office entrance, and more. ‘e-Invoicing’ is available for those who prefer to manage this process electronically.


A client portal has been added to our website to assist clients in self-managing account information, schedule payments, add/delete the payment method, schedule deliveries and service requests.

High Praise From Our Clients