Why this technology did not come to Maine years ago is a mystery. It is commonly used in warmer states where space heating is not required. Mainers continue to use water heaters to heat small amounts of hot water continuously.

In situations where the boiler can be turned off or set back, on-demand tankless systems provide hot water at a fraction of the former cost. The payback for installation is almost as instantaneous as your hot water. We occasionally offer deals on home appliances.

water heatersWe offer incredible discounts on fine Rinnai appliances. Price includes installation in most circumstances. Please fill out the Contact form to request a quote. One of our technicians would be happy to look at your home’s needs.

Why pay for electricity to heat your water continually when you use hot water infrequently? The efficiency of these water heaters guarantees quick payback in most situations. Save NOW! The natural gas model is offered at the regular price. We are a Rinnai Gold Medal installer.

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