Spring Brook, Ice and Fuel Company, offers two contractual payment plans to help you manage your budget. Delivery is part of the established price. These payment plans conclude on April 30 of each year.

Budget and Pre-buy prices may change daily as the global heating oil market changes. We will gladly quote a Pre-buy price. We are the only local company that will give you the Pre-buy option any time of the year. If you think that the time is right to lock in your supply for the next year, contact us.

The Budget Plan

Unfortunately, fuel prices fluctuate constantly and can upset your home or business budget. Our Budget Plan spreads your fuel costs uniformly over time by fixing the per-gallon price and arranging monthly payments.


  • Based on your estimated annual consumption.
  • Uniform predictable monthly payments.
  • Available for all types of petroleum fuels.
  • A service plan can be built into the plan.
  • No prepayment is necessary.
  • Interest on any balance in your budget account at closing.

The Pre-buy Plan

The best way to manage your annual fuel cost is to pre-buy your gallons in advance at a price that suits your budget. You “bank” your gallons with us at a set price, including delivery, good for the heating season or until you exhaust your prebought supply. The market determines the pre-buy price on the day you select the plan.


  • Removes all budgetary concerns for seasonal price changes.
  • Guarantees the supply of all your gallons at one time at an acceptable price.
  • Manages your energy bill through personal market analysis.
  • Peace of mind that your fuel supply is secure at a set price.
  • Gallons remaining after April 30 may be “rolled over” into the next year.

High Praise From Our Clients