Customer Care

For over one hundred years customer care has been our first priority. We do not just provide full maintenance and emergency service 24 hours day, every day of the year, we do so cheerfully and without hesitation. As one customer said: Spring Brook technicians do what they say they are going to do. They provide the kind of customer care you rarely find anywhere else.

Licensed Trained Technicians

We hire the best technicians and support their continued education. Our technicians are not just fully licensed, they are masters at their trade. We expect them to be knowledgeable in all heating designs and engineering so that they can devise and describe accurately the best solution for you. The Company expects quality workmanship whether it is a simple furnace cleaning or a full boiler installation.  We understand that the finished product is a reflection of our workmanship.


Installation: Heating, Air Conditioning, Solar Systems

We install oil, propane, and pellet heating systems as well as air conditioning for replacement, remodeling and new construction projects. We will provide construction analysis, on-site inspection, detailed recommendations, and quality workmanship. We understand how to maximize effciency and savings from proven equipment. Our work will impress you.

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Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Using proven products from respected manufacturers such as Mitsubishi,Fujitsu, and Daikin, Spring Brook technicians work with homeowners and businesses to create solutions that bring air conditioning/heat pump technology into their home or office. 


On-Demand Propane Hot Water Heaters

Why this technology did not come to Maine years ago is a mystery. Commonly used in warmer states where space heating is not required, Mainers continued to use their boilers to continuously heat  even small amounts of hot water. In situations where the boiler can be turned off or set back, on-demand tankless systems provide hot water at a fraction of the former cost.  The payback for installation is almost as instantaneous as your hot water.  We occasionally offer hot deals on home appliances.


Winter Fuel Delivery Schedule starts April 15,2019

The Delivery schedule is subject to change to improve routing efficiency or for circumstances beyond our control.

City#2 OilKeroPropane
Albion Thursday Thursday Thursday
Augusta Tuesday  Tuesday Tuesday
Belgrade Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
Benton Thursday Thursday Thursday
Burnham Thursday Thursday Thursday
Canaan Thursday Thursday Thursday
China Wednesday Thurs&Friday Monday
Clinton Thursday Thursday Thursday
Cornville Wednesday Wednesday Thursday
Fairfield Monday-Friday Monday-Friday Monday
Fairfield Ctr. Thursday Thurs&Friday Thursday
Hartland Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
Madison Thursday Thursday Thursday
Norridgewock Thursday Thursday Thursday
Oakland Tuesday  Tuesday Tuesday
Palmyra Tuesday Tuesday Monday
Pittsfield Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday
Rome Tuesday Thurs/Friday Tuesday
Shawmut Monday-Friday Friday Monday
Sidney Tuesday  Tuesday Tuesday
Skowhegan Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
Smithfield Tuesday Thurs&Friday Tuesday
St. Albans Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
Unity Thursday Thursday Thursday
Vassalboro Wednesday Thurs&Friday Tuesday
Waterville Monday -Friday Thurs&Friday Monday
Winslow Monday -Friday Thurs&Friday Monday

SecureHeat Service Plans

Professional preventative maintenance is strongly recommended annually for all heating systems. Our SecureHeat Service Plans seek four operational objectives:

  • Safety — Always first, your system should give you peace of mind.
  • Efficiency — Energy is too expensive to have a system at less than maximum output.
  • Longevity — Routine care preserves your heating system investment for the long haul.
  • Savings — A tuned heating system pays you back with lower energy bills.

Let our fully licensed technicians take care of you.

With SecureHeat you get:

  • Our 13 Point Tune Up
  • Service throughout the year
  • Emergency attention for no heat anytime day or night

Repair or replacement of the covered parts which fail during normal use at no additional cost.

Learn More About SecureHeat Service Plans ...


Fuel Payment Plans

Spring Brook Ice and Fuel Company offers budget and fixed pricing contractual payment plans to help you manage your budget. Delivery is part of the established price. These plans conclude on May 31 of each year.

Learn More About Fuel Payment Plans ...


Price Plans

Price Plans for Fuel:

As of November 20,2019

PreBuy Price, including 2019-20:


 HO: $2.049 per gallon 

 K1: $2.699 per gallon

Prebuys any time of the year.

Cash or check only.

Budget Price:

HO: $2.149 per gallon. 

K1: $2.799 per gallon   

Prices subject to market conditions and fluctuations.

Same Day Cash Price: Our posted daily price is discounted 10 cents to all customers if paid same day as delivery
Same Day Credit Card Price: Our posted daily price is discounted 10 cents if paid same day as delivery
10 Day Cash Price: Customers receive the cash price of the delivery dayif paid within 10 calendar days of delivery. Cash or credit card.

We offer generous discounts to the following groups if accounts are paid within 30 days:

  • Seniors
  • Veterans
  • Educators
  • Medical personnel
  • Union members
 Discounts are not cumulative. The maximum discount for any fuel purchase is 10 cents per gallon.


Wood pellets are a cash purchase with pickup or delivery within 20 days.  Pellets must be stored in a dry sheltered area. We accept no liability for mishandled wood pellets.


Our Products Our Products

We provide heating oil, propane, kerosene, coal, and on/off road diesel fuels. In addition, we supply "green" energy alternatives in wood pellets and solar technology. Residential or commercial, we can meet your energy needs at competitive prices and with full service backing.

Our Services Our Services

Our technicians are not just fully licensed, they are masters at their trade. The Company expects pride in workmanship whether it is a simple furnace cleaning or a full boiler installation. We cover our customers with full emergency service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our History Our History

For over 90 years we have provided reliable and affordable energy to Maine families and businesses. During the course of nearly a century of service, we have adjusted to meet the changing needs of our customers and heating technology.