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It was 1918 and The War was over. A new automobile cost 500 dollars, a gallon of milk was 55 cents, and a dollar would fill your gas tank.

Robert L. Ervin was a Colby College graduate, coach, and business owner. He did not have to look far to see the sound commercial potential in the Kennebec River which had become the source of “frozen gold” for entrepreneurs shipping ice all over the world.

Ervin's new business became the Spring Brook Ice Company taken from the name of the crystal clear brook on Drummond Avenue that he dammed and harvested every winter with his men. Blocks of ice were cut with heavily toothed saws and carried by conveyor belt into the massive icehouse to be covered with straw and sawdust.

With a strong economy and growing commerce, the business expanded to the Spring Brook Ice and Fuel Company in 1922. Nine years later, the business moved to its current home on 12 Sanger Avenue.

While coal and ice continued to be business staples into the 1950s, heating and range oil became the fuels of choice as homes and businesses switched to the more convenient liquid alternative.

Supply for his customers was a continuing concern and in 1960, Mr. Ervin erected two large storage tanks on the site to insure that oil would always be available.

A generous businessman and community leader, R. L. Ervin operated the business diligently until his death in 1962 when his wife, Caroline, became the company president. Always charitable, they cared greatly for their employees, building them homes in a nearby residential development.

Under the capable management of Joseph Michaud, the business continued to thrive.

Hilary & Ed Ervin

With Caroline’s death in 1968, in spite of his considerable medical responsibilities, their son and local pediatrician Edmund N. Ervin, assumed leadership of the business. Together with Mr. Michaud, he directed the business to its current standing.

Spring Brook anticipates its future with a fond remembrance of its past.

Present Day
Ed & Sandy Ervin

For over 100 years we have provided reliable and affordable energy to Maine families and businesses. During the course of nearly a century of service, we have adjusted to meet the changing needs of our customers and heating technology. More importantly, we've preserved our tradition of delivering the highest quality of service possible by technicians you know and trust.

Our customers have come to rely on our ability to solve their problems no matter what the challenge. They know that they have chosen a trusted company to meet their heating and cooling needs in a way that embraces energy efficiency at an affordable price. We deliver oil and propane, but our real intent is to deliver a customer relationship that will endure. We appreciate the cost of energy and try every day to deliver value by providing full service care to our customers.

Our Certified Team

Present Day

Spring Brook’s employees proudly maintain a reputation for product knowledge, unmatched service and customer satisfaction.

Our staff is professionally trained and certified to help you select and maintain HVAC systems that provide you with the highest possible efficiency while staying within your budget.


This letter is to inform you of the wonderful job, installing a Rinnai tankless gas water heater, done in our home by Carl and his assistants, Kevin and Ben.

Their experience made us very comfortable as they completed each step of the job. They were extremely thoughtful and considerate in answering our questions and assuring us of how satisfied we would be with this new system.

We would definitely recommend Carl and his assistants to any of our friends or family. The are great workers and certainly are knowledgeable in their fields.

Our sincere appreciation to each of them,

Anita and Val Cabana


Our Products Our Products

We provide heating oil, propane, kerosene, coal, and on/off road diesel fuels. In addition, we supply "green" energy alternatives in wood pellets and solar technology. Residential or commercial, we can meet your energy needs at competitive prices and with full service backing.

Our Services Our Services

Our technicians are not just fully licensed, they are masters at their trade. The Company expects pride in workmanship whether it is a simple furnace cleaning or a full boiler installation. We cover our customers with full emergency service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our History Our History

For over 90 years we have provided reliable and affordable energy to Maine families and businesses. During the course of nearly a century of service, we have adjusted to meet the changing needs of our customers and heating technology.