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Propane: Clean and Efficient

As with other fuels, the price of propane is moving up. A good heating value, propane appiances are clean efficient requiring less maintenance. Call us today. Tank setup fees waived for approved new customers and you may qualify for a company credit.


Rinnai On-Demand Tankless Propane Hot Water


Was: $2750 NOW: $2300          SAVE $450 includes installation

We offer remarkable discounts on fine Rinnai appliances. Price includes installation in most circumstances.  Above price based on average use appliance and could be less for a lower capacity unit. One of our technicians would be happy to look at your home's needs. Why pay for electricity to heat your hot water constantly when you use hot water infrequently?The efficiency of these units guarantees quick payback in most situations. Save NOW! We are a Rinnai Gold Medal installer.

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Wood Pellet Prices Fall

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Napoleon NPS45 Pellet Stove

List: $2800 NOW: $1700          SAVE $1100!   (One left)   

Napoleon NPS40

  • heating range of 8,000 to 40,000 BTUs
  • FAILSAFE technology
  • large hopper and easy electronic ignition
  • chrome trim
  • variable speed auger and blower
  • large capacity ash pan
  • proven reliability
  • for a limited time get a door with polished nickel trim and a log set FOR FREE
  • options: hopper extension and floor hearth
  • thermostatically controlled

Find out why the leading national consumer reports magazine rated these stoves so highly. These stoves take the edge off your heating bill and provide the warmth of wood heat without handling stickwood. Supplies are limited. Not only do we install but we sell all venting at extremely low prices. Unlike internet and mass media commercials, we sell the door with the unit!

All pellets are not made equal and we sell only the best premium pellets.




Gnome and Parlour Gas Stoves

Gnome and Parlour Gas Stoves

Lists: $2330 Our Gnome price: $1900(painted) $2000(enamel)  Add $150 for the larger Parlour Stove

Antique reproductions of early wood/coal stoves, these eye-catching units will make any room special. The Gnome (20K btu)easily heats small areas-kitchens, dens, bedrooms- while the Parlour model (30K btu)is made for high output heating. Black and green currently available in enamel. Painted in stove charcoal. In-stock and while supply lasts only. Go to for specifications. These stoves easily convert to natural gas for $100.


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We provide heating oil, propane, kerosene, coal, and on/off road diesel fuels. In addition, we supply "green" energy alternatives in wood pellets and solar technology. Residential or commercial, we can meet your energy needs at competitive prices and with full service backing.

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Our technicians are not just fully licensed, they are masters at their trade. The Company expects pride in workmanship whether it is a simple furnace cleaning or a full boiler installation. We cover our customers with full emergency service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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For over 90 years we have provided reliable and affordable energy to Maine families and businesses. During the course of nearly a century of service, we have adjusted to meet the changing needs of our customers and heating technology.